Michael Andersen

Michael Andersen

Michael Andersen is the author of Sustainable Web Design In 20 Lessons and the co-founder of Sustainable WWW (World-wide-web), an organization teaching sustainable practices. With a passion for web design and the environment, Michael solves puzzles to make the internet more sustainable.

Why Sustainable Web Design Matters

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Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue, and businesses are starting to realize that they need to take steps to become more environmentally friendly. The same philosophy applies to web design. In order for your website to be sustainable, you…

The ethical principles in web development

Pyramide with the text The Ethical Principles In Web Development

We as web developers are responsible for creating a great experience and a safe environment for our users online. When we choose to use ethical approaches in our web development we are helping to create a better world-wide-web for everyone.…